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Absolut Home: advantages of design with elegance

Absolut Home: ventajas del diseño con elegancia

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Don't you know the advantages that elegant, luxury, sophisticated and exclusive design can offer you? Absolut Home, designing life details them for you

Elegant design is our motto. At Absolut Home we are excited about creating luxurious, sober homes, where art and sophistication are the common denominator of a wide variety of products that offer a solution tailored to all needs and preferences .

Designer sofas from the most prestigious Italian brands, stylish wooden tables of our own production and exclusive decoration items for your home are its exponents. The advantages of elegant and luxurious design are many. In this article we detail them

Luxury furniture, what are its advantages?

Your image is represented in your home and in everything that surrounds you, and therefore if you want to project sophistication and good taste, the decoration of your spaces must consist of designer, exclusive, elegant and custom-made furniture. And the main advantage of luxury furniture is that it can generally adapt to your demands in terms of materials, colors, textures and dimensions, making each of your spaces original and sophisticated.

If you are wondering how to recognize luxury furniture, we have the answer: they are designed by world-renowned companies or designers, they use high-quality and durable materials, they are original and they are custom-made products - or in any case adaptable - for the space they contain. you need to decorate.

Cattelan Italia: luxury Italian design furniture

Among the first Absolut Home brands you find Cattelan Italia, a symbol of quality materials, attention to details, Italian taste and functionality, which find their expression in 100% 'made in Italy' creations .

Present in more than 140 countries, Cattelan Italia satisfies the tastes of a sophisticated international audience. This leading company has flagship stores in the world's design capitals.

Transparent or decorated glass, fine woods, fascinating ceramics, lacquered or hand-brushed finishes, soft upholstery and fine leather make up the wide range of luxurious and elegant design for the living room area by Cattelan Italia.

Your Cattelan Italia space at Absolut Home designs your life .