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Find exclusive designer furniture with rope at Absolut Home Calvià

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At Absolut Home we explore the beauty of nature in every corner of your home. ⁣On this occasion, we want to welcome you to a design journey inspired by Mother Nature and the elegance of rope .

At Absolut Home, we are proud to present our new collection of designer rope furniture , where nature and craftsmanship come together in perfect harmony. ⁣
Are you ready to discover how strength and softness combine in these unique designer pieces?

Rope: trend in designer furniture

Designer rope furniture is all the rage in the world of interior and exterior design. Rope is the ideal material for creating a variety of furniture pieces, and its versatility and unique appearance can add a contemporary and artistic touch to any space.

  • Chairs and armchairs : These pieces of furniture with rope-woven seats and backs offer comfort and style. For both indoors and outdoors, its open design allows for proper air circulation, which is especially useful in hot climates.
  • Tables : Designer tables with metal or wooden frames and intertwined rope surfaces are ideal for giving a modern and elegant touch to dining rooms or entertainment areas.
  • Lamps and Shades : Rope details on lamps and shades add a bohemian or coastal touch to any space. Rope is used on the base, body or lampshade to create unique and decorative lighting.
  • Beds : Headboards or structures made of rope give an elegant and original touch to bedrooms with a more rustic or bohemian style.
  • Outdoor furniture: Sofas, loungers and garden chairs incorporate weather-resistant ropes for comfort and durability.

  • Screens and dividers : Rope-paneled screens or dividers can add texture and separate spaces in a room in creative ways.

These designer rope furniture are visually attractive, and shine for the high quality and durable materials with which they are made . They offer weather resistance and a long useful life, in addition to the most elegant and natural design . Remember that, as with any other piece, it is essential to properly care for and clean rope designer furniture to keep it in good condition and prolong its life.

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