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Live an exclusive autumn at Absolut Home

Vive un otoño exclusivo en Absolut Home

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Autumn brings you a new opportunity to dress your home with exclusive and select decoration pieces. At Absolut Home we invite you to welcome this new season into your home , creating a warm, cozy and elegant atmosphere.

Here are some ideas to achieve that delicate atmosphere that accompanies autumn:

  1. Rich and warm colors : Burgundy, gold, dark brown and emerald green are rich tones that will evoke in your decoration a feeling of luxury and warmth that goes hand in hand with the new autumn season.

  2. Luxurious textures : Textiles such as velvet, silk, satin and faux fur for pillows, blankets and curtains will add a 'chic' touch to your decor.

  3. Stunning Centerpieces : With seasonal elements such as gold pumpkins, scented candles, fall flowers, and metallic ornaments, a well-designed centerpiece will be the focal point of your decor.

  4. Ambient lighting : In your luxurious decoration for this autumn, you cannot miss the chandeliers or floor lamps with their elegant lampshades that will create soft and warm lighting in your spaces. Scented candles will also transport you to the relaxing natural environment.

  5. Wall Art and Decor : Exquisite works of art or mirrors with ornate frames will cover your walls with elegance and sophistication. You can also incorporate evocative autumn art, such as landscapes with fallen leaves.

  6. Quality Furniture : Consider investing in quality furniture with intricate details and elegant finishes. A velvet sofa or marble coffee table can make stunning centerpieces.

  7. Metallic accents : Choose metallic details in gold, copper or bronze to add shine and glamor to your spaces. This can be achieved through mirror frames, decorative trays or auxiliary furniture.

  8. Flowers and foliage : Bouquets of fresh or artificial flowers with fall colors, such as chrysanthemums, asters or hydrangeas, in elegant vases are a perfect choice for your home.

  9. Luxury Upholstery : Redress and upholster your furniture with high-quality fabrics and sophisticated designs that reflect the fall season.

  10. Personalized details : Personal touches on your cushions, embroidery with your initials or monogrammed tablecloths are distinctive elements for a unique fall decoration.

At Absolut Home we love decoration and we see in each new season an opportunity to bring your dreams of a wonderful home to life.